Twon started singing at the age of 10yrs old with the family group "The Gantt Singers".  At that time Michael Jackson had just begun to make his music journey as a singer in the Jackson Five.  Both singers were lead singers of their group and were the same age.  A year after Michael Jackson went to Motown, Twon and his family group went to audition for Motown without their parents permission.  The Gantt Singers were told that they were very good and that Motown would love to take them in.  After six months of trying to get Twon's parents to allow this to take place, it was to no success that Twon's father would allow the group to sing R&B or "Soul" music for Motown.  The Rep. then tried to convince Twon's father to allow Twon to sign with Motown, but to no success Twon's father would not allow it.  The group continued to sing a capella music, in the christian gospel genre for over 4 decades.  Performing for the Mayor of Coventry England, performing on T.V. talk shows, performing at churches, special events and giving concerts and also winning talent shows.  The Gantt Singers recorded a record entitled "There Was A Man" and "One Step Higher".  The Gantt Singers sold 100s of copies locally in the Michigan area.  When Twon reached the age of 18 he left the group and went to college at Western Michigan University.  Then he began his solo career and began to record CDs, tapes, and videos as a solo artist.  Twon produced his own cable tv show for a local church in Kalamazoo, MI.  Twon won talent shows and performed with David Ruffin of the Temptations, performed with the Temptations and opened up for Vicky Winan, a great gospel singer in her own right. Twon and his older brother Reuben performed at the Apollo Theatre in New York, rendering old Motown songs of the Temptations. Twon has written over 200 songs and continues to write his own music. One day the Gantt Singers plan on having a reunion tour!  It will be a fantastic show to see!